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Gavdos is a small island which is governed in the Prefecture of Chania. It is located 26 naval miles (48 kilometres) southern of Chora Sfakion and it’s extent is 27 square kilometres.

It is the most southern Greek and simultaneously European point with population of 98 residents (2001).

Gavdos was inhabited from Neolithic period. The island has been identified as Ogygia, where Kalypso kept Odysseus. Archaeological researches have argued that the Roman Empire had presence on the island. The Roman abused the flora of the island, causing a process of humification that is continued until today. The apostle Paulus passed the island at his last travel to Rome. After abandoned Crete, a storm changed his course, so that he passes Gavdos. The fact this has been recorded in the Acts 27:16.

The island allocates unique natural beauty; the bigger part of the island is covered by dense vegetation. Verdant forests from pines and cedars, abundant running waters and dreamlike beaches with natural inlets, endless sandy beaches and clear water, compose a dreamy place. Sandy beaches like Sarakiniko, Agios Yannis, the River and Layraka you will not see elsewhere.

In Gavdos you will find rooms to rent, while in the fish-taverns you try selectively small dishes. Visit and enjoy the beautiful nature…


How you go to the Island of Gavdos:

The island is connected with the harbours of Palaiochora and Hora Sfakion.



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