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Passenger Ticket Terms & Conditions


1.      The ticket is issued in the passenger’s name, and is non-transferable. 


2.      The fare does not include catering.

3.      Passengers must be located in the ship embarkment area half an hour before departure.


4.      The carrier is not responsible for damage or loss of luggage within the boat, if they are not given for safekeeping and have not been issued with a relevant receipt.





Passengers are responsible for compliance with the Port Authorities, Sanitary and Custom’s Guidelines.



Passengers are responsible for compliance of the rules of the captain and of the crew which are related to the order and safety of the boat.




Vehicle Carriage Conditions



The driver is responsible for the loading and unloading of his vehicle.


Vehicles should be in the loading area one hour before departure time.



Passengers of vehicles are responsible for disembarkment from vehicles before they are loaded onto the boat.  In all circumstances it is forbidden to remain inside vehicles.



General Rules of Transportation for Passengers and Vehicles


Transfer of explosives, flammables, incendiary and generally dangerous materials is prohibited.


In case of loss, passenger tickets or receipt of vehicle transfer are not replaced and refunds are not provided.



The shipping company is not responsible for delays or cancellation of journeys, deviation and not keeping to a scheduled route due to bad weather conditions in accordance with the mandates of The Ministry of Shipping and the Aegean or Port Authorities.



The shipping company has the right in accordance with The Ministry of Shipping and the Aegean to replace the boat, for which the ticket was issued, with another boat. 


5.    The contract of transport is governed by Greek Law.  Every difference arising from this in exclusive jurisdiction of Chania Courts of Law, irrespective of its legal basis.  The transport of domestic or international, subject to the provisions and financial limits:



a.      International Convention of Athens 1974 and its Protocol of 1976 (no. 1992/1991)




b.      International Convention of Brussels 1924 and its Protocols of 1968 and 1979 (no. 2107/1992) insofar as those provisions apply to the carriage of passengers and their baggage or vehicles, as currently apply in Greece.



In particular the Convention of Athens includes exclusions and limits of liability of the carrier for the loss suffered as a result of death or personal injury or loss or damage to luggage or vehicles.



It also agrees that the liability of the carrier will be subject to a maximum reduction provided for in Article 8, paragraph 4 of the above Convention.



The interior lines of transport conditions is without prejudice to the application of no. 3709/2008 “Rights and Obligations passenger transport in passenger liner shipping and other provisions”.






6.      The Company and the boat are not liable for any accident, loss or damage prior to boarding or loading of the boat, during the loading or unloading of the boat, as well as the disembarkment.




Conditions of Carriage for Pets




1.      Passengers who intend to accompany pets are required to declare during the reservation process in order to be informed of the conditions of transport in accordance with the Presidential Decree 101/95 and the general conditions of ANENDYK.  Pets are transported free within kennels in special areas.






2.      Pets must always be accompanied by their owner tied (with a lead or chain) and must wear a muzzle when outside kennels.






3.      The transportable animals should be vaccinated with appropriate vaccines and be accompanied with the recently updated health record/book which shall be presented to the crew of the boat.






4.      The presence of pets in indoor public areas is expressly prohibited and their presence should be avoided in prominent outdoor locations except for:






a.      Specially trained animals that assist people with disabilities and have relevant certificates and;



b.      Small pets if transported in special baskets or wear muzzles, however that does not permit their entrance to restaurants unless the boat has special areas available.



In any case that passengers express complaint these will be transported to a space outside or to kennels.






5.      The owner is responsible for the care and hygiene of the pet and is responsible for compliance with the rules in place.  Any personal or material damages caused by pets are the responsibility of their owner, who must ensure that they take preventative measures.






6.      Unaccompanied pets are not permitted.





7.      The company cannot guarantee the acceptance of local authorities for the disembarkment of domestic animals in any port of call.




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