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Loutro is governed administratively by the Municipality Sfakia in the Prefecture of Chania and is located in a distance of 74 roughly km southern of Chania at Cape Moyri.
The village was named by the baths that were found there. The water was coming from Anopoli.
Between the old buildings that you can see there, there is also the goverment building that was used during the revolution at 1821.
From Loutro you can visit the ruins of ancient Aradenas with the Byzantine church of archangel Michail and Anopolis.
It is believed that it was side of the ancient city Foinikas and also it was the harbour of ancient Anopolis, later it became the wintry harbour of the city of Sfakion, from cause of fact that the surrounding gulf and the small island in it's entry create a natural harbour where the boats can be safe even in very bad weather.


How you go to Loutro:
The access is mostly from the sea. There exist only certain paths that connect the village with Hora Sfakion and Anopoli.



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